Pendini: Ideal for visiting the Strozzi Museum in Florence

Hotel Pendini in the centre of Florence near Via Strozzi

Housed in a grand private Renaissance residence built by architect Benedetto da Maiano at the behest of the wealthy merchant Filippo Strozzi, Palazzo Strozzi is the largest and most famous building in all of Florence and visited by millions of tourists all year round. When you enter you are surrounded by the history and grandeur of times past, with a lovely inner courtyard of sublime beauty. The architecture of Palazzo Strozzi takes after that of Palazzo Medici and has an open structure surrounded on all sides by streets and is entirely symmetric.

Hotel Pendini has the ideal location for those coming to Florence for its culture, as it is located just a short walk from the Strozzina Contemporary Culture Centre.Situated between Via Strozzi, Piazza Strozzi and Via Tornabuoni, Hotel Pendini really is one of the city’s most centrally located hotels, ideal for a vacation in one of the world’s most beautiful cities.

If you arrive in Florence by train, you can walk to the hotel easily following the street that leads to the cathedral. In not more than ten minutes you’ll have already enjoyed the centre of the city before even reaching your hotel!

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