Special offers in Florence

3-star Hotel Pendini

For those looking for special offers for a stay in Florence, the Pendini hotel is the ideal solution: central and comfortable in one of the most beautiful cities in Italy. The Pendini Hotel means special rates in a 3-star hotel in Florence with a great quality/price ratio for anyone looking for a nice hotel a stone’s throw from Florence’s great landmarks.

Convenient for visiting other Italian cities too, Florence is not far from Rome, Milan and Genoa, cities to be enjoyed for their fine monuments, landmarks and events all year round. Able to attract visitors from all over the world, the city of Florence offers magnificent views at every turn and emotions that only Florence can give to its visitors. The 3-star hotel in Florence centre: Pendini, has always gotten great reviews thanks to the warm and welcoming staff and the centrality of the location.

For families, couples or businessmen, this hotel in the centre really is the best choice to visit and experience the city in all its glory. Discover our special rates and start your stay in Florence!

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