Florence Duomo Hotel

For those seeking a hotel in the centre of Florence

A most breathtaking view awaits you from the famous cupola of the cathedral. Even if you come to Florence only once in your life, you can enjoy the view by climbing up the many steps that lead through the inside of the cupola to the panoramic view point at the top. The official name of the Duomo is the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore and in 1971 it was the fifth largest church in all of Europe.

Hotel Pendini is very near the Duomo, so you can enjoy a comfortable stay in the centre of Florence and this magnificent vista dedicated to art and history.

Florence has so many wonderful things to see and do, the shopping streets wind in and about the monuments and museums. It is one of Italy’s most beautiful cities and millions of visitors come here every year to spend long or short periods of time enjoying it.

The Hotel Pendini in Florence is one of the hotels near the Duomo and always gets positive reviews from its guests, both for its location and the friendliness of its staff.

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