The Spring of Renaissance

From 14 April to 18 August 2013, on the occasion of the acclaimed exhibition at Palazzo Strozzi La Primavera del Rinascimento, Hotel Pendini offers a 12% discount on rate base booking for those who want to stay at the hotel to visit the exhibition.

The exhibition, organized by the Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi and the Louvre museum of Paris, and that will be hosted in the spring in Florence before moving to Paris for the summer, is the result of a collaboration between the prestigious two excellent international museums.

The exhibition aims to explore themes for the genesis of the "Miracle of the Renaissance" in Florence, in particular through the art of sculpture, which was the first one producing unique masterpieces. Starting from the rediscovery of ancient art, its patrons and its earliest proponents, including Nicola and Giovanni Pisano and Giotto through the assimilation of the Italian Gothic until the coming New Age, when Brunelleschi inaugurated a new era in art, its perception and its use.

In those years, the political successes of the Florentine Republic, its economic and social peace spread through the writings of the great humanists of Florence myth as heir of the Roman republic and as a model for the other Italian states.

Take advantage of Hotel Pendini offer, a unique opportunity to visit Florence and its beautiful exhibitions and to discover Renaissance.

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